movies new and old to help understand today’s big issues

‘Swimmers’ tells story related to major refugee trial

‘Lord of War’ gives a bleak take on morality of arms dealers

FTX collapse makes Enron movie a must-see

‘Invictus’ gives an inspiring take on Mandela’s leadership

‘Thirteen Days’ is a lesson on how nuclear war was avoided

‘The Godfather’ turns 50 and stays relevant

‘Lions for Lambs’ raises questions on duty and politics

‘Good Kill’ is a timely film after ‘Casualty Files’ report

‘Fifth Estate’ about Assange and WikiLeaks

This is Earth after global warming

Malala documentary shows Taliban horrors

‘The Road’ helps visualize a post-apocalyptic world

‘Tyrant’ documentary gives a cheat sheet to politics

Liz Cheney news make it timely to see ‘Vice’

‘Charlie Wilson’s War’ fills in on US-Afghan history

‘Moxie’ is a fun and serious movie on women’s rights

‘China's gateway to Europe’ about the New Silk Road is a must-see documentary

‘Trial of the Chicago 7’ is a relevant movie on how authorities deal with demonstrators

’Laundromat’ is a comedy that shows the tragedy of money laundering

‘Home’ is a powerful documentary telling the story of climate change

‘On the Basis of Sex’ is a must-see film on the life of Ruth Bader Ginsburg and her fight for equality

Trump’s scandal interview with Bob Woodward reminds us to see ‘All the President’s Men’ again

‘The Social Dilemma’ shows how social media apps manipulate users’ behaviour. A film for the whole family

‘Crash’ shows racial tensions in Los Angeles in a simplified but effective way

‘The Big Short’ tells the true story of investors who succeeded in the financial crisis by being different

‘La Familia’ shows the harshness of Venezuela’s economic crisis

‘Snowden’ shows the true story of how the US government spied on people through their mobiles

‘Wag the Dog’ is the movie showing how politicians can use war to distract voters

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