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‘Fahrenheit 451’ stays relevant amid surging book bans

"Fahrenheit 451" with Michael B. Jordan is a movie about book burning - a relevant fictional story amid today’s record-breaking book bans (1 min read)



‘Swimmers’ tells story related to major refugee trial

‘Lord of War’ gives a bleak take on morality of arms dealers

FTX collapse makes Enron movie a must-see

‘Invictus’ gives an inspiring take on Mandela’s leadership

‘Thirteen Days’ is a lesson on how nuclear war was avoided

‘The Godfather’ turns 50 and stays relevant

‘Lions for Lambs’ raises questions on duty and politics

‘Good Kill’ is a timely film after ‘Casualty Files’ report

‘Fifth Estate’ about Assange and WikiLeaks

This is Earth after global warming

Malala documentary shows Taliban horrors

‘The Road’ helps visualize a post-apocalyptic world

‘Tyrant’ documentary gives a cheat sheet to politics

Liz Cheney news make it timely to see ‘Vice’

‘Charlie Wilson’s War’ fills in on US-Afghan history

‘Moxie’ is a fun and serious movie on women’s rights

‘China's gateway to Europe’ about the New Silk Road is a must-see documentary

‘Trial of the Chicago 7’ is a relevant movie on how authorities deal with demonstrators

’Laundromat’ is a comedy that shows the tragedy of money laundering

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